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Contending for the Faith Complete Library MP3 on DVD

Contending for the Faith Complete Library MP3 on DVD
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Would you like to learn how to defend your faith while you drive to work? walk the dog? or on your morning run? This CONTENDING FOR THE FAITH (MP3 Library) is the entire library of Charlie Campbell's teachings in MP3 format on a single DVD for your iPOD; computer or other MP3 player. (Just place the DVD in your computer and listen at your computer or copy the MP3s right on to your iPOD.) This DVD contains the results of thousands of hours of in-depth research and careful analysis on numerous issues related to the defense of the Christian faith. Lectures include:

1. Importance of Defending the Faith
2. All Roads Do Not Lead to God
3. Amazing Evidence for the Trustworthiness of the Bible
4. An Examination of Apparent Contradictions in the Bible
5. Answers to Skeptics Top Five Questions
6. Buddhism
7. Christian Science
8. Deity of Christ: An Examination of the Verses the Cults Use
9. Emerging Church
10. End Times: Ten Upcoming Events in Bible Prophecy
11. Evidence for the Existence of God
12. Evidence for the Resurrection
13. Hinduism
14. Islam
15. Jehovah's Witnesses
16. Jesus Under Fire
17. Judaism
18. Mormonism
19. New Age Movement
20. My Top Five Questions for Skeptics
21. Preterism: An Examination and Refutation of Preterism
22. Roman Catholicism
23. The Da Vinci Code Examined
24. The Lost Tomb of Jesus Deception
25. The Universe and the Love of God
26. Why Evil and Suffering?

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